Swiss innovation for more than 20 years

Swissness in every product

CellCare Lab, uses the purity and quality of Swiss spring water to enrich every product with additional ‘swissness’. The origin of this spring water is in a beautiful nature reserve,  in the nearby mountainous area of Gantrisch. The water wends its way through a variety of lakes, rivers and streams on its way to our production facility. Allow yourself to be convinced in every way by the Swiss quality of our cosmetics and our unique attention to detail.


Our History

The foundations for today’s international Swiss family business, were laid in 1993. For decades we have committed ourselves to working with renowned Swiss and international cosmetics engineers in order to expand our expertise in the fields of research and development. During this time we were able to develop various private labels and be present at  international market launches.

Due to  increasing national and international demand for Swiss quality, we were able to expand CellCare Lab, our production plant, in the beautiful Swiss capital. The new location enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive and personalized service. Both national and international clients can be assured of our Swiss high quality, from the initial idea to the concept and beyond to the finished product.